How I Make the Most out of My Time

Time can get away from me if I let it. The days are busy for everyone no doubt, so here are a couple of ways I try to make the most out of my time. Setting Small Goals Even amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, I’m finding it helps to plan my day and set realistic goals.Continue reading “How I Make the Most out of My Time”

Book Review: Twisted Grin by Evan Starkman

From witty comedy to dark horror, Twisted Grin by Evan Starkman provides a set of modern fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories for fans of Douglas Adams, and Stephen King alike. The book, about 100 pages long, contains nine stories, which will leave the reader with a drastic range of emotions ranging from laughterContinue reading “Book Review: Twisted Grin by Evan Starkman”

Three Techniques to Get Through the Slogs During the First Draft

This was my very first draft of anything, and although I’m still not quite finished, I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel and am projected to be done within the next two weeks if I maintain my current pace. The entire process of writing has been a pretty big mixContinue reading “Three Techniques to Get Through the Slogs During the First Draft”

Outlining as an Over-Engineer

As a software engineer, I typically look at everything from an analytical standpoint, and often find myself over-engineering the simplest of tasks. So naturally, when I decided I wanted to start writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel, I embraced the outlining process to the fullest with my mind already made up that I’ll probably be a strictContinue reading “Outlining as an Over-Engineer”

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